Are Cookies Carts and Vapes the Real Deal? : How to Distinguish from the Original and the Fake

Cookies Carts

Yes, cartridges and vape pods made by Cookies are legit. But there are a bunch of knock-off Cookies products out there, so here’s how to spot the real ones and the fakes.

In this post about revealing fake cartridges, we are going to be talking about Cookies cartridges and vape pods. Founded by Berner (Gilbert Milam), Cookies produces different types of Cannabis products such as flowers, extracts, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more.

Cookies has both standard cartridges and a G Pen Gio pod, a collaboration Berner made with Grenco Science. See our review on G Pen Gio as to why we don’t recommend it. The cartridges oil is made by a company called High Flyers in collaboration with Berner and use real CCELL hardware. Below, you will see a photo of what a counterfeit Cookies cartridges and pods look like.

Weed vapes have been all the rage the past few years, especially as more US states have decided to legalize. But over the past several months, a vaping illness/injury crisis has rocked the nation, hospitalizing nearly 1,900 people and taking the lives of at least 37.

Although health officials still don’t know what’s causing this vaping health crisis, the CDC suspects weed vapes produced by black marketeers could be responsible. 

This edition of how to spot fake or knock-off vapes is about the legal weed brand known as Cookies and the potentially dangerous counterfeit Cookie carts currently floating around the streets. So, responsible toker: Here’s what you need to know before puffing that “Biscotti” vape allegedly made by Cookies and how to spot if it’s a fake.


This is real. Note the milligram number and the official weed symbol.

Cookies Carts Are Legit

While many of the popular vape cartridge brands we’ve covered at MERRY JANE are totally fake — meaning they’re unlicensed and not lab-tested for safety assurance — Cookies carts are licensed, real, and lab tested. They were originally conceived of by the rapper and weed entrepreneur Berner, and all real Cookies carts are produced through a partnership with the makers of G-Pen, Grenco Science — a totally legit, licensed weed vape company based in California. 

But every success story is followed by copycats, and Berner’s Cookies line is no exception. Don’t let shady dealers dupe you. Here’s how to tell if your Cookies carts or vape pens are real.

Real Cookies Carts Only Comes in Half Grams

All legit Cookies cartridges only come in half grams (which is also 500mg or 500mL, for the less-metrically inclined). If you see a Cookies cart or pod in a full gram (1000mg or 1000mL) offering, it’s fake AF. Do not smoke it. Period.


Real Cookies Carts Include Genuine CCELL Batteries

Most quality cannabis vapes utilize CCELL lithium-ion batteries to heat the vaporizer’s coil so fresh, steamy vape clouds roll directly into your lungs. Check the equipment to ensure the official CCELL stamp is included on the battery unit. And look out for phony CCELL batteries, which usually give themselves away by the incorrectly formatted or typefaced “CCELL” text. Check out the differences between knock-off CCELL batteries and real ones in the link.


Real Cookies Vapes Can Also Come With a G Pen Gio Battery

Some real Cookies vape models also come with a G Pen Gio Battery. The zinc-alloy casing and powerful 180 mAh battery comes with micro USB charger, too, as pictured above. Anything that looks like this but is missing features is a fake. 


Real Cookies Carts and Pods Can Only Be Bought at Authorized Retailers

Here’s the deal: If you’re buying your weed vapes from some shady dude in the Walmart parking lot, chances are he’s selling you some bunk garbage. G-Pen and Cookies brand vapes are only sold through authorized retailers. You can check out the official sellers’ list on the G-Pen website

Fake Cookies cartridges sold online come in various packaging: One gram carts are all fake

There have also been manufacturers in China who are also making counterfeit Cookies Cartridges. Most of them can be found in online websites like Alibaba. In fact, there are even different versions of packaging being sold there. Keep in mind that the real Cookies brand only sells half gram carts, so if you see a full gram cart it is fake.

Some come in boxes where in the cart is displayed in the center:

Fake Cookies Carts
Fake Cookies Carts

There are also ones where the cartridge is placed at the side of the box, like in the photo below:

Fake Cookies Carts
Fake Cookies cart in box
fake cookies carts
fake cookies carts packaging
fake Cookies Carts
Taking a closer look, one out of the two fake Cookies Carts are very different in the way the packaging opens.

As you can see, there is also one in a plastic shell packaging.

Fake Cookies Carts
Fake Cookies cart in plastic shell packaging

Fake Cookies pods don’t seem to exist, yet

cookies pod
Here’s an example of a Cookies vape pod.

We could not yet located any fake G Pen Gio pods that use Cookies branding. It’s possible that since G Pen is technically not a cannabis company they are able to enforce authenticity via trademark, indirectly making it not possible for fake Cookies pods to gain any traction. It’s also possible no one has tried because of that.

Might be easy to tell fake from real but we should still be careful…

From the photos we showed above, it might be easier to spot which carts are fake from the original one judging by the packaging. But since the market just continues to sell fake carts, who knows- soon enough they might be selling something with a more similar packaging to the authentic Cookie cartridges. If you are hesitant, you can even ask the company itself. Most of them are happy to reply to inquiries on counterfeit products since they don’t want customers to be tricked into buying a fakes.

We have posts on other fake cartridges as well. See our fake cartridge posts on Dank VapesDr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks ClearExotic CartsEureka VaporStiiizySpace Vape and King Pen.

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