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Buy Cookies Carts online (cookies cartridges 1/2 Gram)  Founded by Berner (Gilbert Milam), As a Brand Name and Jigga his long time buddy and pal in 2012, Today Cookies is one of the best and most famous and respected Cannabis brands to sell  in the US and  some other parts of the world.

High Flyers Cookies cartridges have decent strength just not super strength

I would say on strength, Cookies is about in the middle compared to other legal, legitimate carts. It is definitely better than your average street cart.
Side by side compared to Airo Pro, Select Elite and Aces Extracts which seem to be available at the same dispensaries that also carry Cookies there really is no comparison. The other two brands just blow Cookies away. They are all also a bit more expensive, but the cost is justified.

Dispensary produces different types of Cannabis products such as flowers, extracts, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more.

Cookies is not just any brand name it represents Berners Vision and How he wants to bring together Varieties of new strains. The cartridges oil is made by a company called High Flyers in collaboration with Berner and use real CCELL hardware. Cookies carts for sale

The difference between the fake Cookies Carts and real Cookies cartridge

Now that we saw some samples of fake Cookies cartridges. It’s time to learn how do these compare to the real Cookies cartridges? Let’s take a look.

For starters, the packaging looks different than the packaging of the fake ones. The authentic one comes in a box, without the cartridge showing.

Keep in mind that the real Cookies brand only sells half gram carts, so if you see a full gram cart it is fake.

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  1. Salam HAd

    this cool, will be back for more thanks mehn

  2. david

    YOOOpiiii Cooll this great

  3. Tony

    thanks like your delivery time cool

  4. Xavier

    Real want more?
    Do you take bulk offer coz am ready 🙂

  5. Ganja Hans

    Amazing cookies men

  6. DExter

    I’m trying to get a good refill for my pen and I can’t find where to order them from. I like Cookies but if there is one better I’ll try it. But I want to try different Cookies I only had one flavor. But still yyet thanks alot for this 🙂

  7. Colby

    I’m in Ohio, how can I buy cookies cartridges by high flyer?

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