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Buy Sweet Tea Cookies Cart. Cookies Sweet Tea Live Sauce Cart is a popular style of tea, seen in the United States, where sugar is added to tea, and is usually served cold. Moreover, lemon is most commonly added, although peach and raspberry are often used too.

Firstly, originally bred by the late great legendary breeder “Subcool” (David Bowman). Sweet Tea was created by first crossing California Orange with Alcatraz OG. Females of this were then crossed with “The Dude,” a highly regarded Space Queen male. The result is a potent and tasty sativa-dominant masterpiece to add to “The Dank” collection. Our particular batch of Sweet Tea came from Cookies, with an impressive 26% THC level! Buy premium sauce cart sweet tea

What strain is Sweet Tea Cookies Carts sale?

Cookies California Sweet Tea is an sativa dominant hybrid strain (35% indica/65% sativa) created through crossing the classic Cali-O X Alcatraz OG X Space Queen strains. Named for its insanely delicious flavor, Sweet Tea will have you begging for more with just one tasty little toke. Although, this bud packs a sugary sweet and citrusy candy tea flavor into each and every smoke. In addition, with hints of orange and woods upon exhale. In addition, the aroma is just as delightful, with a woody overtone that’s accented by sugary sweet fruits and sharp citrus. The Sweet Tea high is one for the ages, with lifted and calming effects that will have you feeling rested and kicked back in no time at all. Buy Sweet Tea Cartridge

Effects of Buy Sweet Tea Cookies Strain

Sweet Tea Cookies Strain Canada is perfectly balanced with a nice blend of uplifting effects that usually don’t make you feel like bouncing off of the walls. In addition, to an extra pep in your step, this strain also tends to include feelings of euphoria, and focus. Thus an inclination to be more social. Sweet Tea is essentially the most perfect strain for those who need to get work done or who want to enhance a social gathering.

Sweet Tea is ideal for more seasoned users as her THC potency averages around the 23% range. Her nugs are a true sight to behold as green and orange shades are bold and blanketed by a very thick coating of white trichomes. Rather than taking on the herbal tone you’d expect, Sweet Tea brings a much more sugar-filled experience to your palate. Notes of wood and sweetness permeate your senses with an overwhelming flavor that’s akin to an orange jelly bean. Once you try this gal you’ll probably long to taste her over and over again. Sweet Tea Cookies Carts Near Me

Order Cookies Carts Sweet Tea Canada & U.S

Buy Cookies Sweet Tea Live Sauce Cart are made up of dense and chunky forest and lime-green leaves, scattered with long and wavy orange-pistils. The buds are encased in fuzzy amber-trichomes, lending furry patches of yellow, that compliment the orange beautifully. Cookies vape carts for sale US & Canada


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