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Runtz OG Weed Strain

Runtz OG Weed Strain is a genuine half breed that is well-adjusting. It contains a flexible blend of the sativa and Indica properties. As per test results, it has 45 percent of Indica and 55 percent of Sativa. The impacts of expending this cannabis Kush is that you will wind up with incredible cerebral impacts in addition to a solid sort of happiness.

It’s body buzz helps stimulate relaxation and offers an escape from the pain of daily life. Chronic stress and anxiety also melt away, allowing sufferers to escape from their worries for a while. After the strain has kept users high for hours, it winds down into a sweet, dreamy sleep.

Runtz OG  is a sweet diesel, high octane gas giving off a heavy nose with uncharacteristically structured with purple tones. This a sweet diesel, high octane gas giving off a heavy nose with uncharacteristically structured with purple tones. This OG is from the fire society.


1 ounce, ¼ pound, ½ pound, 1 pound

17 reviews for Runtz OG

  1. Sterlack

    Long lasting high! Great Body buzz! Tasty! Watched S3, E1 Of Ozark and felt like I was in the room with them! Had to pause it midway through so I could thoroughly enjoy my high. I think I solved The world’s problems, and invented the next Facebook! Hope I remember it in the am! ✊?✊?✊?

  2. Terry Star

    Energy burst before mellowing you out.

  3. Marilyn

    this strain has a really nice smell and easy to smoke but it is pure shit and a waste of time. possibly the weakest strain I ever had. fortunately I exchanged it for some OG#4.

  4. Gareth

    my absolute fav. never feel anxious,paranoid,angsty. always chills me out a lot and i don’t get super bad cotton mouth either. very good

  5. Keanu

    Greatest Strain if you can actually get a hold of it…Coming for more bro

  6. Hermann

    Good head high lasts for a good while. Then comes the nice relaxing feeling for a good sleep.

  7. Lindsay

    Got a variation called OG Runtz. Right off the bat, more expensive. Beautiful looking bud with tinges of red, green, and orange. Watch out for the munchies, this one really makes you hungry. Super long lasting. And you don’t need that much. I just take a tiny pinch and that will do the trick fo…

  8. Sharon

    Rate it anyhow you want out am on top

  9. Evelyn

    Great bank of highs and lows

  10. Donavan

    A great uplifting yet chill strain

  11. Lisa Ann

    Wow Like damn. This is intense. It’s on a whole other level.

  12. keylain

    I really enjoyed this strain. Got me high af, smoke was smooth af, and I felt like I was tripping through time after a bowl or two. 100% my favorite strain, and I can’t wait for the chance to try it again.

  13. Godigo

    this hits hard and then coasts for days on a heaven like plateau, this shit got me feeling like a religious like experience. #1 for me I think… so dense too!

  14. Katland

    hard hitter from the get go

  15. Patrick

    Very good looking has OG purple and green shades to the bud. Tastes even better has a sweet almost fruity aroma and it is so smooth you will find yourself taking bigger hits of the blunt than you ever would normally

  16. Katty

    I love this strain. Makes you feel happy and calm. Not to mention sex is amazing too. Must try!

  17. Lauara

    Love the smell, taste and density of this lime colored but with accents of purple leaving your fingers sticky with resin

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